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What is career guide?

For those who want to succeed in their careers, a career guide with wide range of experiences and knowledge will help to achieve the dreams. The role and importance of career guidance is growing exponentially today. The common reasons why people seek career guidance services are being accepted at work and in the community, being promoted, or finding a job that suits them.

A career guide begins with identifying a person’s interests, perspectives, experiences, and life goals. To do this, use test questions that have been tested in theory and practice. Once the test is complete and the individual’s strengths and weaknesses have been identified, we continue to develop a specific program to fit that person and to set goals.

The goal can be of any kind, but mainly people aim to be accepted by the community and to be promoted in a short time.


The career guide program has a 3-6 month contract with the client. This is a good time to make a change.

КPrinciples of working with a career guide

At the first month’s meetings, customer identification research begins, and from the following month, specific plans are developed to meet the client’s goals. During coaching, the career guide gives assignments according to a plan to achieve the goal.

We meet with our clients 2-3 times a month to review their assignments, review progress, and advise them on what to do next. Generally, the coach and the trainee are in constant contact during the contract period.

Outcomes of the program

– Productivity will increase and management skills will improve.
– Learn new skills
– Performance quality will improve.
– Learn leadership skills and become a manager.
– Attitudes towards work will change and you will get job satisfaction.

Coaches People who worked in trade and development industry for over 10 years. Our coaches have a master’s degree in management and a good knowledge of English and Russian.

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