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What is a success guide?

When a person lacks the strength to reach the goal, he/she is unable to overcome obstacles and hardships. To get out of this predicament, you need to seek help, emotional support, and, if possible, professional advice. A success guide helps an individual to identify work and life goals, develop ways to achieve them, calculate internal and external factors that affect the achievement of goals, and eliminate weaknesses and turn them into strengths, so that he or she can feel the unique strengths. It also provides psychological support to help them acquire the skills they need and use their knowledge and skills to help them achieve their goals.

With the help of a success guide, you will not only recognize your resources and abilities, but also receive advice on how to overcome obstacles on the way to success.

A successful guide signs an agreement with a client for 6-24 months. This is considered a good time to make a change.

Principles of working with a success guide

The first a few months of the meetings are costumed to identify and research the client. Then continues by creating specific plans to meet the client’s goals. During coaching, the success guide gives assignments according to a plan to help to achieve the goal.

We meet with our clients 2-3 times a month to review their assignments, review progress, and advise them on what to do next. Generally, the coach and the student are in constant contact during the contract period.

Program participants

The trainees must have a sincere desire to succeed, acknowledge and work on the comments that success guide gives, and fulfill the assignments with commitment. It also requires the courage to persevere in the face of adversity as you take steps to achieve your goals. As of today, more than 300 people received the benefits of this service to get to know themselves, define their work and life goals, and be successful. Success is the balance of life.


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